Listed below are club coaches available for athletes. If in any doubt please contact the Coaches' Co-Ordinator, Valmai Loomes on 0409 307 325 or on 4262 8498 (home).

All coaches are fully insured and hold accredited qualifications of the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association.


Pole vault and steeplechase coaches available, see Co-Ordinator for more information.  Coaches may vary times and venues.  After contact, please ensure you have correct times and venues.

Fees:  are subject to the coaches and is not the responsibility of the club.  If a fee is charged, athletes can negotiate with the coach personally.

All coaches coach junior and senior athletes, male and female.

Are you interested in becoming a club coach?

See and talk to the Co-Ordinator about qualifications and contact numbers, such as the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association.

We welcome any person who wishes to take on a career in a rewarding, yet challenging sport of track and field.

Coaches of junior athletes are encouraged to apply.

We would like to see a number of our senior athletes who have retired come back into the sport and offer their services as a coach.

Athletes who assist in mentoring and coaching at the moment include:

Mary Thomas, Gianna Mogentale, Melanie Foster and Darrin James

Additional Assistance and information to assist Members

  • Prof Julie Steele: Bio-Mechanics Wollongong University - club member.

  • Jason Giobbi: Podiatrist - Fairy Meadow.

  • Athletes Foot - Wollongong: Feet and Shoe Specialists: Wendy and Arthur.

  • Malcolm Gibbs: Nutrition.

All of the above are qualified in their field and are available to all club members.