Athlete Funding Criteria

Funding will be made available to registered club members subject to funding being available and athletes meeting the below criteria:

  1. An athlete must be a registered member of Illawarra Blue Stars Athletic Club Incorp for at least the previous season prior to the season of lodging application.

  2. An athlete must attend at least 60% of club meets on a Sunday either in the capacity of an athlete or a person to act as an official.

  3. An athlete must compete in both Country and State Championships.

  4. An athlete must participate in major fund raising events/activities.

  5. An athlete may be funded due to circumstances such as work commitments and injury preventing them from fulfilling all of the above criteria. This is at the discretion of the Committee.


Summer season

  • Athletes selected in State representative teams by meeting the ANSW/AA desired standard.
  • Assisting athletes competing in the Australian Open (including U23) Track and Field Championships and Australian Junior & Youth Championships.

A set criteria for funding, subject to budget, will be set at $100 for Western Australia and $75 for all other states including South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory, but excluding Sydney.  Other parts of NSW will be considered at the discretion of the Committee.

Winter Season

As above but to include out of stadia events such as:

  • Australian Marathon and Half Marathon Championships.
  • Australian Race Walking, Road Racing and Cross Country Championships.

Schoolboy/girl events such as Australian All Schools, Little A’s Championships and Primary and High School events will not be funded.  The club may determine to conduct a special fund raising event for Australian All Schools but all athletes representing will be expected to take part in fund raising.

International Events

International events will only be considered if not funded or partially funded by a Governing Body such as Athletics Australia or Australian Masters. A special purpose event will be organised to raise funding.

Masters Funding

Masters Funding will be funded for the following events only:

  • Masters National Championships to be held in all states including South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia pending criteria but excluding Sydney. Other parts of NSW will be considered at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Masters World Championships both indoors and outdoors - subject to meeting criteria.
  • Masters Games will not be funded.

Masters Criteria

As Masters athletes do not have a set team or a standard to meet for the above events, Masters athletes will receive funding if they:

  • meet the general criteria 1 to 5 outlined above.
  • are listed in the world rankings the season before they lodge their application and have maintained the standard.

The club will have the option to conduct a special event to raise income for Masters athletes. All Masters athletes who participate in this fund raising event will receive a percentage, with athletes who are ranked in the World rankings list to receive additional funding at the discretion of the Committee.  All funding is dependent on income and the Committee of Illawarra Blue Stars will have the right to reject an application if the criteria is not met.

Application Form

An application form is required with copies of endorsement from ANSW for all selected athletes, whilst Masters' athletes will submit an application form along with a print out showing their world ranking. 

Fill in the application form below and submit to the club.

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Athlete Funding Application

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