To join potential members need to register with both Athletics New South Wales (ANSW) and Illawarra Blue Stars (IBS).  There are a number of different ANSW membership categories and these can be found on the ANSW Registration form.  There are also options to join as a Trialling Member or, if aged between 11 and 16 and registered with a Little Athletics Club, as a Dual Registered Member.

Relevant forms and details of fees can be found in this section (Join) of our website as follows:


IBS Club Membership Form

ANSW Registration Form

ANSW Dual Registration Form

ANSW Trialling Member Form

You can check out this information for yourself or contact us through our website email to assist you and answer any questions that you have.

The process for registering is as follows:

  1. Obtain a copy of the relevant forms either by printing out a copy yourself or be contacting the club.

  2. Complete the appropriate ANSW registration form.

  3. Complete the IBS club membership form.

  4. Give the completed forms to the Club Registrar, together with the relevant fees.

  5. The Club Registrar will process the forms, including registration with ANSW.

  6. In due course you will be issued with an ANSW competition bib, IBS program of meets and other useful information.

Most registrations are processed prior to the beginning of the summer season.  However, registration is open all year round at all club meets including Winter Cross Country and Winter Track and Field meets.

NB:  Any athlete wishing to contest a major meet is reminded to have their registration in no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.  This allows for mailing processing and returning of their competition bib.

You can also join the club on line via Athletics NSW ( but we would prefer it if you registered as above.

When registering directly via the online ANSW system, you will be required to pay the relevant fees at the time of registration.  This includes the club fee that is passed on to the club by ANSW.  You will also still need to complete the IBS membership form manually and give that to the Club Registrar.