We welcome you to IBS, one of the most successful clubs in the state and the oldest surviving club on the South Coast.  With that background, we should know what we are doing as far as our sport of track and field and cross country/walking is concerned.  We pride ourselves on being able to present to you a sport that can be conducted at the same venue, same time and the same events, for all the family.  What a relief many people say, no more running from point A to point B in a matter of hours.  We are the only sport that allows for this, and we believe Blue Stars does this in a manner that all members of the family can compete at the level they wish to do so.

What Can We Offer?

Club competition in a friendly relaxed manner but enabling you to meet, compete and have qualified officials to conduct your events.  We bring you a four week cycle of events that caters for everyone, from the elite athlete to the fun running, to the mum or dad who wishes to remain fit.  We also have equipment that is approved by the International Athletic Federation and a track that is one of the best in the state.

Officials and Coaches

See attachments of our club Management Committee, who at all times, are constantly trying to improve and conduct our club in a very professional and ethical manner.  Coaches are also available for all events, for all ages.  See attachment for list of coaches.


We cater for all ages from under 8 right through to Masters (women 30, men 35) and have one of the best Masters' group in the state.  Our younger athletes are treated the same as the seniors - with senior athletes offering advice at all times to our juniors.


Many competitions take place throughout the summer (see summer program) and you, yourself can decide what you want to compete in - maybe just local Sunday afternoon competition, maybe step up a little and compete in All Schools State titles, then put your name down to be selected in the clubs relay team for the state relay titles.  Then, as the season progresses, you feel you would like to go to the Country titles with all the club and be a member of the strong team that always competes at Country (and we urge you to do so - it is a social event as well as a competition event).  When, you feel you would like to see how you go against the rest of the State, you enter for State titles - but only if you wish to do so, but what an experience.

THEN MAYBE, you have great success at Country and State and realise you may want to take on the rest of AUSTRALIA.  That progression is there for you.

Social and Awards Days

Conducted for all members.  Our Awards evening is usually around March/April and brings the club together to reward and acknowledge all athletes for a fabulous year. From the youngest to the oldest - you are all in line to be rewarded - but remember there is a certain criteria (you must attend at least 50% of club meets to be eligible for point score competition.

Social Events

Are being organised and you will be notified throughout the season.

Fund Raising

This is an important topic.  To supply quality equipment, to assist athletes going away and to conduct our club in a professional manner, we need your support.  Currently Jodie Sundstrom has commenced fund raising and will be asking for your support.

The Board

Each member of the Management Committee has responsibilities - see attachment of the Executive and Management, and along with the Executive conduct the affairs of the club.  The club is affiliated with Athletics NSW and Athletics Australia.  The Management also has the right to establish committees, such as the Cross Country Committee.


Summer season is every Sunday afternoon from 2.00 pm sharp till around 4.45-5.00 pm each weekend, unless an association event is on the same day or an annual event is held on the Kerryn McCann Athletic Centre (formerly Beaton Park) - commencing September and going through to March.  See attachment for Summer Program - the summer program is conducted on the Kerryn McCann Athletic Centre, (The Illawarra Regional Athletic Centre) Foleys Road, Gwynneville.

Winter Cross Country/road walking/walks commences May each year and continues through to August of the same year.  Conducted every Sunday morning at various locations and commencing 10.00 am.  A winter track and field program is conducted every fourth Sunday of the month on the Kerryn McCann Athletic Centre commencing at 10.30 am.


Each athlete has at least two weeks to trial and see how they go.  We then urge you to register with our club - see the various forms of registration fees and application.  Full registration fees covers the athlete for insurance, and allows the athlete to compete in all events under IBS and Athletics NSW and Athletics Australia.  Associated membership is also available but please be aware this form of registration is limited on events you may contest outside of club activities.  A small club fee is added to registration fee to cover such things as equipment  It all takes money and very little is supplied outside of the clubs' purchasing their own mats and covers and pole vault equipment which is purchased through a joint effort of IBS and Athletics Wollongong.