competition rules


Athletes, technical officials and volunteers are asked to be at the ground by 2.00 pm.  NB: People responsible for setting up the sites and putting out equipment need to be at the ground in sufficient time for this to be done prior to the commencement of the first event.

  1. Announcements will be made at 2.15 pm.

  2. Technical officials and volunteers are asked to report to the Officials Co-ordinator at the latest by 2.15pm so that duties can be assigned.  All technical officials and volunteers must sign on for insurance purposes.

  3. The first event will commence at 2.30 pm.

  4. Only one call will be made to each event and athletes are expected to move to that event site straight away.

  5. Field events will be held in between track events.  Sufficient time will be given to allow athletes to get to the site of an event, change shoes, etc.

  6. If an athlete leaves a field event they can only return to compete further in that event if they advise the official in charge that they are going to a track event and then return directly to the field event when the track event is completed.

  7. An athlete cannot compete on their own or once an event has finished.

  8. Officials will have the right to combine events. If an event is combined, athletes will be awarded placings in their own age brackets.  For field events, athletes must use the implement of their age.


  1. All injuries must be reported straight away for treatment and insurance purposes.

  2. No athlete, other than those competing, is allowed onto the track or field while competition is in progress.  However, senior athletes may go to an event site to encourage and support junior athletes but are not to interfere in the running of that event.

  3. No person is permitted to cross the interior of ground, including those going to the start of events such as 200 metres, 1500 metres, steeplechase or relay changes.  Everyone must move around the outskirts of the ground to the relevant starting point or relay change position.

  4. No athlete is permitted to use equipment such as hammer, shot, etc whilst other field events are in progress unless permission is obtained from the meeting manager.

  5. Athletes are not to use throwing equipment without appropriate supervision.

  6. In the hammer throw event, the appropriate gate must be closed.  Use of the gates must be in accordance with the rules of athletics.

  7. As per the rules of athletics, throwing implements must not be thrown whilst in the process of being retrieved and returned.

  8. No one is to use event sites as “playgrounds”, eg water jump, jumping pits, high jump mats, etc.



  1. In graded invitation events, athletes will only be allowed to contest the grade for which they are graded and not lower grades, due to time considerations.  Invitation events will only be conducted if time allows.

  2. The starter will allocate the lanes on the basis of non-invitation athletes being assigned the inner lanes and invitation athletes being assigned the outer lanes.  The actual lanes used will depend on the number of athletes competing in the race.


  1. All athletes must nominate the week before of their intention to hurdle for the following week for their respective event to enable the nominated hurdles co-ordinator to know what hurdles are required for that day.

  2. All athletes who are competing in hurdles events are asked to bring a “helper” who is capable of assisting with safely setting up the hurdles.

  3. Sprint Hurdles will be conducted at beginning of the program to enable the hurdles to be put away immediately.

  4. 400 Metre Hurdles will be conducted in the middle of the program.


  1. Starting rules applicable to each age group will be applied so that athletes are fully aware of and become accustomed to such rules.  Athletes who are disqualified for a false start will be allowed to compete only as invitation only, with no points awarded.

  2. Athletes from under 12 up are required to use starting blocks. If in doubt as to how to use them, athletes can ask senior or masters athletes or coaches and club captains for advice and assistance.

  3. Athletes from under 12 up must use a crouch start (except for masters' athletes who may stand up) in sprint events.

  4. In middle distance events a lane start or group start may be used on the day depending on the number of competitors.


  1. Athletes are required to remain in their lane at the completion of a race to allow judges to decide on the placings and give each athlete a place card to present to the recorder.

  2. All athletes must have their placing recorded before leaving the ground.


These times and order may change subject to:

  1. Number of competitors.

  2. Combining events if necessary.

The times listed below are approximate:

Round 1

100 metres                                           2.30pm

1500 metres                                          3.15pm

400 metres                                           4.00pm

Walk                                                       4.30pm

Round 2

200 metres                                           2.30pm

Walk                                                       3.15pm

800 metres                                           4.00pm

Invitation 60 metres                              4.30pm (Commencing with juniors first)

Round 3

Sprint hurdles                                        2.30pm

60 metres                                              3.00pm

400 metres                                            3.45pm

Steeplechase & junior 2km                   4.15pm

Invitation 100 metres                             4.30pm

Invitation Walk                                        4.45pm

Round 4

5km and junior 1km                               2.30pm

100 metres                                             3.00pm

Walk                                                       3.45pm

200m                                                      4.15pm

60 metres - juniors                                4.30pm

Field events will be conducted in between track events


  1. In throwing events, all athletes must use the correct implement for their age, including where events are combined.

  2. Field events will be conducted in between track events but sufficient time will be allowed for athletes to have all of their permitted throws or jumps.

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