When under 18 Danish exchange student Caroline Haejgaard joined our club this season, one thing we wanted to do was to give her a chance to compete with our girls in the highly competitive State relays.  This event brings athletes together and there was no better way than to make Caroline welcome to not only our club but to athletics in NSW and Australia.  Our under 16/18 girls were magnificent on the weekend.  They rallied around and we formed good teams.  Some of our U16 girls were not available on both days and had to move up to U18 division, but they ran superb.  Teaming with Caroline gave us a chance to form a women’s U18 4 x 400m, and Kate Lewis surprised everyone with her gusty run.  Margaux Chauvet, our top U16 400m athlete ran like she does all the time, confident, gusty and determined, whilst the run of Emma Matthews, still an U14 athlete showed why the club looks upon her as a very promising all round athlete.  Their 6th placing in this event was a just reward for 4 gusty young girls, but it didn’t stop there with this group.  Kate Lewis, Margaux and Emma teamed with another promising sprinter Natasha Hynoski in the U18 4 x 100m and once again they ran with the determination to finish in 7th spot against a classy U18 field of female sprinters.

Always available, Ashleigh Hogg took her spot in the women’s U16 4 x 200m with Margo, Natasha and Emma, and they too were placed 8th.  The three girls were backing up all day, whilst Ashleigh enabled these girls to have a team in their own age bracket.

Well done girls on a top junior effort, but above all well done on making Caroline a member of IBS and making her feel not only a part of a team but a great part of our club.

You have done the club and yourselves proud.

It was a huge weekend of State Relays!  Well done to all our teams who made us proud.

Women’s Results
U14 4 x 200m - 11th;  4 x 800m - -9th
U16 4 x 200m - 8th
U18 4 x 100m 7th;  4 x 400m - 6th
Open 4 x 100m - 10th
200+ 4 x 100m 4th;  4 x 200m 2nd;  4 x 400m 3rd

Men's Results
U18 4 x 100m - 10th;  High Jump - 2nd
Open 4 x 100m - 10th
200+ 4 x 100m 3rd;  4 x 400m - 4th
240+ 4 x 100m 4th;  4 x 200m 3rd