Country Championships - Dubbo

Blue Stars will have a good all round team as we head to Dubbo for the 2017 Country Championships this coming weekend.  Great to see so many of our athletes taking up the challenge of not only competing, but travelling a distance and also the promise of hot three days.  Dubbo, with its new track and facilities deserve our support and our team of 40 may have been larger if the distance was not so great.  Many of our older athletes have to work and find it hard to have so much time off work, but the team is strong and has members in many of the age groups from masters to juniors.  We also have talent in many of the events from the track to the field.

The welcome aspect of this team is the “team attitude” that is being displayed, some are making their Country debut, and many are competing as family units.  We believe we have the largest team from the South Coast going to Dubbo and it is great to see the support.

A few notes everyone has to remember:

Checking In:  Please make sure you are at the track to check in no later than one hour prior to your event, failure to check in will mean you are withdrawn from the event, and the club will not support you, unless you break down or something that is unavoidable.

Uniforms must be worn, no questions asked, again your responsibility, together with your numbers.

Tents will be available for all our members and we would like our members to sit together.  Bring your chairs, your eskies, your sun block and your drinks.  We will have a container of water throughout the meet for members to utilize.

Relays:  Make sure you make yourself available, we have a good record of relays at country and we hope to maintain this.