John's great Christmas Gift

We all know what a good man John Munro is and we all know how much he is not only respected by our club members but also the athletic fraternity.

But Sunday saw the “giving" side of John Munro and the compassion he has for the community. Buying a number of our raffle tickets in the hamper, John put the name of the Salvation Army on the tickets with the object if one of the tickets won or gained a prize he would donate to the charity.

Well we all know what happened, John’s ticket came out second, and the prize went to the Salvation Army.

What a great Christmas gesture by a man we all “admire” and “treasure” and to do this at a time when the Salvation Army can really do with any donations, is a great Christmas present in itself.

Happy Christmas John and the Salvation Army.  The spirit of Christmas has not been lost.