Mary does it again

Masters athlete Mary Thomas has done it again.  Her haul of medals over the last few months has exceeded even what she thought she would bring back.  Having contested the World Masters Indoor Championships in South Korea in March, and bringing home five gold medals, she has now contested the World Masters Games in Auckland and has again brought home 5 gold medals and one silver in her chosen events of throws.  Mary has had one of her best seasons and has captured wins in all major events that have been conducted this season, but she herself admits that she is throwing possibly the best she has done for some time.  But like all Masters athletes, she has one more title event to contest for the summer of 2016/2017, and that is the Australian Championships to be held in Darwin in June.  To defend her titles and capture the Australian title for her age, will mean she has taken all major events in one season - an effort that not too many athletes can achieve.  And it is not only the wins that are important but it is the way she is winning, which means so much to her.   She has defeated some very good competition along the way in all events and has had to work hard to achieve the gold. She now has to be in contention for awards of her IBS Club.