Relays shine in hard State competition


Illawarra Blue Stars athletes had some of the best performances for some time when they took on the might of the state in the NSW State relay titles.

The Clubs Open Men’s 4 x 100 defied all the odds of a place when they ran the fourth fastest time in their heat to progress to the final. A gutsy, determined team with smooth changeovers saw the team of Connor Dymond, Lachlan Parry, Chris Devery and Kyle Grubnic push reputations aside of their more favoured opposition to take out a much deserved 3rd placing in the final: an achievement the club has not had for many years. They were not content with just the 4 x 100 and backed up on the Sunday in the 4 x 200 to advance to the final, again 4th in qualifying, and were just run down by Sydney University for the silver medal bringing home a bronze medal for their fabulous efforts. The 4 x 200 team was the same except Cameron Chisholm came in for Kyle Grubnic. The club has not had placings like this in Open Men’s for a long time and it was a joy to see 5 of the Clubs leading male athletes combine for such a mighty effort.


Our U18 men’s high jump team of Nicholas Horton and Jye Shumack combined with two athletes from Athletics Wollongong Austen Lantry and female jumper Rosie Tozer to bring home the gold medal. This was one place up from last years silver and was a tense event for our athletes as they duelled away in trying conditions . This gold medal performance was a great achievement for the talented group of jumpers.  Our U18 men’s 4 x 100 was travelling well until a bad change but continued and came home well. Rosie Tozer was replaced by Jonty Faulkner who joined Shumack, Horton and Lantry.


The clubs masters’ mens were superb in the 200 division, taking out 2nd in the 4 x 800 on the first day with Colin Clarson, Darren James, David McCann and Geoff Hynoski all running great legs. The same team also took 3rd in the 4 x 200.  It was a gold medal performance in the 4 x 400 with Clarson, James, McCann combining with John Lamb to not only win the gold but winning by a commanding and dominating margin. They also took out 5th in the 4 x 100 . Our Masters women again came through with two 3rds in the women’s 4 x 100 and 4 x 200 with Rina Flynn, Diane O’Toole, Sarah Guevara and Gianna Mogentale combining in both teams. The winning team broke the Meet State record.


What can we say about the team of Jessica Hogg, Kaitlyn Neto, Kaisha Edwards and Toyah Edwards taking on the might of some of the State’s leading Open Women. They did it proudly and were pleased with their efforts , a platform they set for the U16 women of Ashlyn Adams, Grace Adams, Emma Matthews and Eve Way, Nathasha Hynoski, Charlotte Smith who all showed outstanding sportsmanship in all their events. The U16 women was one of the toughest and most competitive on the program and IBS athletes performed well.  The same is said for the women’s U14 team who again showed the sportsmanship and courage the club is known for. The U14 squad of Charlotte Smith, Ashlyn Adams and Arian Lopreiato combined with Athletics Wollongong’s Eleanor Tozer to finish in the top 6 of the 4 x 200, 4 x shot and 4 x long jump.

What a great weekend for the club both result wise and also for courage and sheer determination and sportsmanship. A tradition that IBS Athletes have continued this season.