Tri-the-Gong - Spectacular Event

This year we can report that Tri-the-Gong was not only a great success for organisers; it was also good for our club. Held over the one day, Saturday, it enabled us to have at least 20 people out there acting as marshals, recovery members and pedestrian controllers. It was a brilliant day that Wollongong put on for us all especially the competitors who competed in ideal conditions. Thanks go to Geoff for co-ordinating the crew but the big thanks go to the people of our club who came forward and helped out. The income will certainly help the club and its members and we are indeed grateful to you all.

Thanks go to:

Swim Team control:  Gianna Mogentale, Lynda Douglass, Kaitlyn Neto, Geoff Hynoski

Pedestrian Team Control:  Valmai Loomes, Gary Kidd, Sarah Guevara, York Yu, Liam Ryan

Run Team:  Jessica Hogg, Ashleigh Hogg, Franciene Hogg, Corey Hogg, Andrew Lau, Jodie Sundstrom

Recovery Team:  Sally Barnes, Rose Faulkner, Barbara Bird, Julie Bird

Thanks everyone.  I hope you enjoyed the day, not only knowing you have helped the club, but also witnessing one of the best events that comes to Wollongong.