Cleverlys make History

Thomas Cleverly and his younger sister Georgia have created history within their club, by taking out both the men’s and women’s overall Yearly Point Score.  Judged on points allocated each round of competition in summer, the two athletes achieved the highest total of points from all ages, from U8 right through to Open men and women.

Not only did they achieve the highest total of points: they both scored 390 points each: an outstanding effort.  The criteria for divisional winners and runner ups are that they attend 50% of club meets to be eligible and both Thomas and Georgia did that easily - both won their own division. Thomas the men’s U12 and Georgia the women’s U10, but the family will have to make space for two of the club’s oldest and largest trophies: The Harrington Trophy for women’s point score and the Van der Kooi trophy for the men’s overall.  What a night these two young people had, and along with Thomas‘s twin sister, Charlotte, who finished 3rd in the women’s U 12 point score, it was a real family affair for the Cleverly family.  It will possibly take some time to be emulated and possibly never will be, with brother and sister taking out the overall point score and to record the same amount of points.  Well done Thomas and Georgia.