Let's keep our junior talent

Looking over the records for this area not only highlights the talent that has come from the area, but also the number of athletes who went on from school level to senior athletics.  It is interesting to note that most long standing records are held and are still held, by athletes who did go on  and in many cases represented Australia either at World Junior or senior Open level.  Names such as Paul Green, Matt Beckenham, Scott Richardson, Lucas Chodat, Ryan Greigson, Rebecca Vormister (hers now broken), Lauren Elms and Louise McPaul are a few that come to mind that went onto such levels.  The combined high schools is a stepping stone to further the athletes’ career but many of the other records are held by athletes who had outstanding junior level talent but failed to move further into senior competition.  Some moved to other sports such as Sally Fitzgibbons (surfing), Mineo Bonetig (soccer), Trey Barlow (football).  So the question has to be asked????  Why are there such outstanding records that still stand but many of the athletes, who hold them at such level, didn’t go on to senior level?  What talent there is among these athletes and what a shame we didn’t see them reach the senior level of athletics.

Now bring on State - the level of competition at this event is going to be even higher but then come October for State All Schools, and athletes will have the chance to meet up with others from Combined Catholic Schools, Independent Schools, etc.