Students do well and move on to State

The recently held combined high schools in Canberra produced some very good results, and now athletes will move onto State.  Many IBS club members did very well and their performances will give them a spot in the South Coast team.  But we also have to remember that many of the other zones were also conducting their titles, and some great results from IBS members have come out of these also.  Do not want to highlight any athlete in fear we may miss some, and there are quite a few, but the men’s relay team from Dapto stood out for me in Canberra  breaking the record, and now moving onto State to take on the might of some of the metro schools.  A very well balanced team of smooth baton changing and also great understanding of each member’s ability made this team.  There were two members of our club in this relay, Jake Gander and Jonty Faulkner.  Well done guys, this record was a top one and is now yours.