Cross Country Relay Teams do us Proud

Relays always bring our people together but putting cross country teams together has become one of the hardest acts.  But this year, Geoff managed to convince a number of people to come forward to formulate teams.  And what a great effort they all did.  In the U14 men’s team two of our girls Arian Lopreiato and Charlotte Smith teamed with Cohen Deegan and Joshua Smith, giving years away in age, but running a blinder.  All members ran well and a credit that the girls didn’t hesitate to run in the men’s division.

Our U16 men’s team was a dual registration team, members joining with IBS in the summer and now experiencing the winter competition.  Only one member has been in long distance with Jake Gander now possibly looking at these events again, but he teamed with sprinter Jonty Faulkner, high jumper/sprinter Andrew Lau and young U12 athlete, Cooper Deegan.  They all ran well and were a credit to the club and themselves and as President Geoff put it “I have never been so proud to be a member of Illawarra Blue Stars”.

With members away and some unavailable Geoff himself was left without a team until the Hogg family came to the rescue.  Having to compete against the “big guns” in the Open men, this did not deter Ashleigh Hogg, Corey Hogg and Jessica Hogg, as they teamed with Geoff to ensure he had a run, what sportsmanship is this, one to be admired.  Well done everyone and to the supporters who also went along an helped make Miranda a great day.