High Jumpers Excite

The club is excited with the prospects of the talent in the men’s high jump.  Outstanding jumping has taken place in the off season at both combined high and associated schools’ events, with high 1.90m’s being achieved by two of the club’s members.  They are supported by three others who have been maintaining the high 1.80m’s.  All members are underthe age of under 18, and a combined team for the state relays will see this very impressive squad represent the club and will certainly be a medal chance if they continue in this form.

Any of these men are capable of the 2m jump, and at the moment are so very close, but with strength improvement and maturity, this target is certainly within them, -- it is only a matter of time. It has been a long time since IBS has had such a talented group of male high jumpers, and excitement will build as the season progresses.  The club also has seen new members in the women’s U16 division over the sprints, and this division too is full of talent, causing excitement also.

Athletes are reminded to put in their relay forms for selection in the club’s relay teams to be conducted in November, divisions being under U14, U16, U18, U20, open, masters (men and women) in 4 x 100m, 4 x 200m, 4 x 400m, 4 x 800m, 4 x 1500m, with field relays to be held in U14, U18 and open.