Lachlan and seniors inspire juniors

Lachlan Parry’s great summer season has inspired the juniors of IBS more than he possibly realises. Speaking informally to members of the club at “break up barbecue” juniors and supporters were treated to the thoughts of the club’s senior male athletes who competed so well in the State open titles.  Moving onto the Australian titles Parry impressed with his great State title efforts but it was his progression to the Australian titles that has inspired members. Speaking very informally Parry answered a question put to him on why he believes he has improved so much. His answer: “more committed, more structured training and more content and settled”. He came home with a great silver medal from the Aussie titles, when he was named in the State open men’s 4 x 100m relay team.  A just reward for a man on the move, as he believes he has more to show as he moves forward in senior sprinting.

Connor Dymond was right to the point when he said “I fouled up in the hurdles but knew I had to try and keep going, got my steps and my start wrong that threw me off.  Lots of work to do, but know that I can do it and have lots to work on during winter and next summer:” Comments by Connor were certainly taken on board by junior athletes Grace and Ashlyn Adams, who both have had little hiccups during their short hurdling careers, but they too keep on going like Connor and are working on it.

Chris Devery spoke openly on his concentration on sprints this season.  Known for his long jumping he admitted he has the jumps in him and his personal best is up with the best. Chris admitted that he wanted to improve his sprinting which he has done and then maybe we will see him jumping, but also admits “ a bit hard on the old knees”.

Great to see these senior men speaking openly and ensuring junior athletes that they keep working hard, working on techniques and ensuring that they enjoy the sport.

Well done guys - top season for our seniors.