Mary takes ultimate Award

Mary Thomas has done it again, but this time the award is one that must be the ultimate award for any athlete.  Mary has been named the World Masters’ Thrower of the Year, an award that is judged by a panel of people throughout the world. In Mary’s category nominations were from the very best female throwers in the world. Nominees must have competed in WMA Championships during the time frame, and must have achieved at least one gold medal and to have performed at a very high standard.

The criteria for selection - getting selected by your region, that is Oceania for our masters athletes, and then it gets forwarded to WMA and judged from all other areas. What a tribute to this thrower who has been around for many years both as a top line junior and senior thrower and certainly one of the very best to grace the track for masters athletics. Mary describes this award as one of the very best she has ever achieved and she certainly has achieved many.

Well done Mary and congratulations from all of us in IBS.


Mary throwing.jpg



Photos of Mary in full flight courtesy of Lyn, close friend and former member of IBS.