Officials rewarded for hard work - your chance to take the path

The road to success for an athlete is hard and requires a committed work ethic with strong support, guidance, learning and developing and officials are no different. Becoming an official is a great alternative way to become involved in athletics as a volunteer that wishes to develop and be guided in the rules of competition.

Our four technical officials have been rewarded with recognition of becoming part of the very strong contingent of officials from Australia for the Commonwealth Games next year in Queensland. John Munro, Neville Fenn, Ann Grimm and Jodie Sundstrom have given countless hours to the sport and have officiated at all levels. Much like athletes, they have achieved the highest level to officiate at an international event. We congratulate them all and wish them well.

The late Janet Munro will be smiling on their success. Janet was a strong advocate of official recognition and after becoming involved in the sport as a technical official was the driving force behind IBS’s desire to have as many qualified technical officials as possible.

IBS members are encouraged to rather than sit on the sideline, become involved as officials. It is your choice whether you take it all the way and become a “representative” official, but it is a path to satisfaction. Our sport would not survive without officials and we encourage anyone, whether they are a member of the club or not, to become one.  Janet herself came into IBS by becoming a voluntary official because she wanted to do something for the sport, her love of athletics and her love of sport in general.

However, much like an athlete you don’t have to strive for the top level. You can officiate and learn at club level and leave it at that. You then have the option to go further and officiate at ANSW events if you wish. In the case of our four officials, John came into the sport with his wife Janet from a soccer background. Neville was a former athlete who had time out and then decided he wished to give back to the sport. Ann came into our club with her highly talented athletic son and began at club level. Jodie is still an athlete and when not competing gives her time as an official.

The path is there for anyone out there who wishes to become involved in our sport.  IBS will be there to support and guide you along the way. If interested please call either Valmai Loomes on 42628498 mobile 0409307325 or Geoff Hynoski on 0437 036 013 and we will put you in contact with our officials co-ordinator. Or you can come to IBS Open day next Sunday at 2.30pm at Kerryn McCann Athletics Centre and speak to one of our officials directly. We would love to have you!