RIP Braeden

Memories are held by us all, but are held in many different ways.  I will hold the memory of former member, Braeden Gibbins as a young man who showed a lot of respect for his twin brother Reece, his sister Isabella and his mum and dad, Cassie and Jodie.  Many times I muddled the boys up, and give them their wrong names, but on many occasions Braeden went along with it, and waited for me to write Reece down and then say “Valmai I am Braeden” but he always said it with respect.  My car was also his like and he asked on many occasions when I was going to sell it to him.  Braeden Gibbins will be missed by a very large mixture of family and friends, and they will all have memories of him in many different ways.  Our club members will always remember him, and cherish the times they competed together, went away together and above all shared the highs and lows of our sport of track and field.

Braeden you will never be forgotten by us at IBS.  You will be forever in our hearts.

Past and current athletes and officials are warmly invited to attend Braeden’s funeral service to be held on Thursday 14 July 2016 at the Holy Spirit School Hall .

Valmia Loomes on behalf
of The Board and Committee IBS