Testing Hill Climb for Athletes

Light showers greeted athletes as they lined up for the Mt Kembla Run last Sunday, but the showers were not the challenge they were confronted with.  The Mt Kembla climb is a tough course at any time but with a little bit of rain, it can become not only tough but challenging at the same time.  Controlling their run was the main concern , but the winding up hill run from the start line challenged athletes to the maximum.  Run over 2km and 5km courses, the down hill run was a blessing to some but others controlled themselvesin fear of slipping or turning an ankle.

Darrin James tested himself out over the 5km and blitzed the field up hill but controlled his speed down hill, still coming home the winner in a good time of 26.51 min.  Sprinter Gianna Mogentale used the up hill run for strength running, and came home down the hill full of speed, covering the 2km course in 11.31 min, whilst brother/sister act Charlotte Smith and Joshua ran with one another all the way to the final 50 metres and the speed was on between these two young runners, charlotte just edging younger brother Josh out by the smallest of margin.

Next run will take place on the 24 July, with the cross country being held in conjunction with the club's winter track and field meet, the cross county run commencing at 10.00 am.  The course will be run on the Wiseman's Park track, a varying course for athletes  of all ages.