What a gruelling event the triathlons are. We only have to go to the Kerryn McCann Athletic Centre and see some of the work outs the tri boys and girls do for this hectic event. The Wollongong Tri-the-Gong is a great event in itself but it is also a great event for fund raising for our club.

Thanks are extended to all our members who acted as officials on the highly successful Tri the Gong. Used as a fund raising event for our athletes, the event was conducted in extreme heat especially on the Sunday and organisers have extended their thanks for a job well done.

We do appreciate what our people have done - standing out there on the course for 6 to 7hrs is gruelling in itself but the members who acted on the Sunday need a big pat on the back. Some volunteers from other organisations didn’t even bother turning up in the extreme heat but our members deserve accolades more than most. The Sunday was a shocking day and from reports very little water was provided to our members and many were asked to stay a little longer due to the non attendance of other groups. Some of our members doubled up including President Geoff Hynoski, Board member Kaitlyn Neto, supporter Gary Kidd, and master’s athlete Sarah Guevara. Well done everyone, not only have you shown support to our club in fund raising you have also shown great support to one of the biggest events to come to Wollongong and also supporting another sport.