Weather - watch the spaces

I know many will say we need the rain, but can we have it only during the week.  Although we are very lucky to have a synthetic track in Wollongong, and the track surface may be okay, the field events can be hampered if we have heavy rain or continual showers.  Members of IBS and intending members are advised that the club will only postpone events if the weather is really bad and that continual rain is coming down.  We try to announce it on our members’ Facebook as soon as we can so athletes travelling down to club don’t make the unnecessary trip.  We also try to put it on our website as soon as we can.  Council also has the right to determine if the inside field can be used, if heavy rain persists.

The club has seen some good results to start the season and some impressive performances have been witnessed both at club level and also at the Treloar Shield.  If athletes can continue to show the form they are, then we will see some great results.  Second round of competition saw the hurdles back on the program and will be a regular event for round 2, whilst the steeplechase attracted a good field and some encouraging results came out of this event.