Come on Down - we encourage you to do so

Blue Stars tries to encourage all people who wish to run, jump and throw regardless of age or ability, and family participation is greatly encouraged.  Each weekend enables people to try the sport and regardless of whether you go to major events or not, club’s Sunday meets are held in a friendly relaxed manner so people can participate at their own level and continue to enjoy the sport.

Many people have not tried such events as the steeplechase but this is the chance to do so.  Some haven’t tried field events before but then realise they like the javelin.  Club meets on Sunday afternoon are great for this - to try the sport of track and field.

Others may like to officiate - and the club really appreciates the help that people give each Sunday. IBS is encouraging people not competing to take on the role of an official with the qualified officials there to show you what has to be done.  Officials can be from a young teenage age, and this is very much encouraged by the club.  Great to have on your resume and who knows you may go onto a higher level later on and become a major official at major meets.  The opportunity is there for you and Officials Co-Ordinator, Jodie Sundstrom is a classic example and will encourage any person to become an official of our club.  Come on down any Sunday and Jodie will show you what is required.

Come on down to the Kerryn McCann Athletic Centre any Sunday from 2.00 pm. Whether you intend to try the sport as a competitor or just wish to give a helping hand, you will be encouraged and supported by all members of Illawarra Blue Stars.